Wild scenes as festivalgoers fight in mud at Aussie rural festival the Deni Ute Muster

Wild scenes at Deni Ute Muster festival as campaign breaks out in mud (Video)

Videos from a rural Aussie ute muster own shown wild and rowdy crowds jeering men to mud wrestle beside traffic cones on their heads and groups of festivalgoers hammering at searing hot metal.

The notoriously drunken and wild Deniliquin Ute Muster was sustained over the weekend in the small Riverina outback town in southern NSW. Photos from the event note crowds of attendees drinking copious amounts of alcohol, stripping their clothes and some even bathing in the mud.

The event, in its 21st year, attracted more than 20,000 ute lovers, who celebrated with two days of live music, ute parades, whip-cracking, drinking and animal displays.

But wild videos, shared by ute muster attendees on social media throughout the weekend, show the muster late at night, when the official program of entertainment and people western music acts had finished.

The festival, known for hard drinking as much as it is for utes, mud and leather boots, appears to occupy its own “after dark” program of battles run by wild festivalgoers.

Videos show the crowd attracting more and more rowdy, standing around a pit of mud, egging pairs of men on to run at one new and fight in a large mud pit.

The challenge soon escalated, as those in the scrum put traffic cones on their leaders, running at each other at full rush until they collided and fell heavily on the terrestrial to the raucous applause of the hundreds who’d gathered to watch.

Meanwhile, a smaller group shared videos of themselves online heating a rod of metal and attempting “blacksmithing Deni style” throughout a fire.

They heated the metal pending it was bright red with heat, and then began hitting it plus various objects, and pouring more oil on the fire to increase the heat.

Fires are permitted at the muster, but have to be contained inside a drum “no bigger than half a 44-gallon drum”, according to the festival site. The organiser also imposed rules on the size of wood brought inside the festival.

Another video informed a man sleeping in the dirt who is unresponsive when his friend shines a light on him and jokes, “Me and him are doing a beer bong!”

“Righto, where’s the stomach pump,” the man says as the young man rolls over in the dirt and remains sleeping on the ground.

The muster does boast a number of different acts and attractions for the tens of thousands of attendees, including wood chopping, bull ride displays, pig and piglet racing, helicopter rides and numerous amusements for children.

The festival too attracts some of the biggest names in farmland and western music, with Tim McGraw and Lee Kernaghan performing above the weekend.

The festival was originally founded in 1999 to attract visitors to the struggling town of Deniliquin, when the area was badly ravaged by drought. The town now boasts the title of the Ute Capital of the earth, and after the festival became successful, a ute was erected on a pole in the town, to commemorate the success of the event.

News.com.au contacted the organisers of the Deni Ute Muster for comment but did not claim a response.

News.com.au contacted NSW Police regarding the event but did not claim a comment.

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