What If Audi, Ferrari, Honda, and Tesla Made Utes?

Utes and exiguous pickups such as the Holden Ute (RIP) and Toyota Hilux are hot in Australia, but the body style doesn’t really fly in the U.S. (except beside us and maybe some of the crowds at SEMA). However, the insurance folks at Budget Direct got creative and assembled eight concept dream machines that we’d be cheerful to get behind the wheel of (like the Audi RS4 Avant pickup below). These are the perfect rides for a night at the opera and for hauling appreciate packages back home from the mall.

Or how near this Chevrolet Camaro Ute? It looks ravishing rad and is a modern take on the classic El Camino. It’s a muscle pickup for the dash strip with a long bed to haul an engine and car parts in.

Maybe you’re not a General Motors Stan? then how about this Dodge Ute, which incorporates the best bits from a Charger and Challenger. It’s a powerful purple pickup with a Hellcat engine that’s great for at least 707 horses. The hood stripes and snorkel vents are a must-have, too.

For the fancier folks, there’s this Ferrari Ute. It seems fine silly for hauling cargo but one this Italian stallion determined looks great at hauling ass. The two-seater sadly ditches the folding hardtop of the drop-top Portofino by which it shares its front end.

Those looking to do a few bucks might like this Honda Civic Ute. It looks delight in the most practical one of the batch and seems the greatest likely to actually get a green light from the manufacturer. Make ours a Type R variant and capture our money, please.

There’s too this Renault Megane RS Ute. With its gold paint, the French pickup looks like a blast to drive near the city.

The same can’t be supposed about this Rolls-Royce Ute. The teal and silver pickup sports suicide doors that certainly do its overall manufacture no favors. Heck, we’re still getting faded to a Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV.

Finally, we can’t forget the Tesla Roadster Ute at the top of the page. It looks wicked cool; even if it appears its moments away from attracting broadsided by an electric trolley. We imagine Elon Musk will probably roll out his version of a Tesla Ute at the brand’s next shareholder’s meeting.

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