Top electric utes coming to replace your Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux: The electric ute revolution is coming!

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The mainly thought of an electric ute seemed laughable merely a few years ago. Even our politicians customary the concept of electrification as a horror tactic for tradies during the last election.

But the fact is electric utes are unprejudiced around the corner, to fill the produces of both tradies and adventurers alike.

While there are inquire of marks over range, given the kind of long-distance driving any ute owners need to do, the fact remains that battery-powered utes determination be able to offer impressive pulling expert thanks to the big torque produced by electric motors.

Here are any of the most high-profile electric utes and pick-ups (as the Americans grasp to call them) likely headed our way in the not-too-distant future.

Ford F-Series

Let’s start by the biggest name in big trucks. Ford and its F-Series range (F-150, F-250, etc) is arguably the most critical vehicle the Blue Oval is developing.

Forget the Mustang Mach-E, if Ford gets the electric F-Series factual it could change the way people understanding EVs, while simultaneously making America’s most favorite new vehicle petrol-free.

While the company has happened vocal in its plans for an F-Series EV, it’s happened light on detail so far. The biggest be in the lead to what we can expect is a promo video the Ford released in 2019, it showed a current F-150 fitted among a prototype electric powertrain tow more than 500,000kg worth of cargo shriek. While that’s well beyond what the production car desire do, it does suggest a towing capacity well beyond the typical 3500kg we now expect. It also suggests Ford is serious about preparing the electric F-Series a serious workhorse.

While Ford Australia has long-resisted the temptation to sell the F-150 in Australia, citing the similarity in terms of replace and payload to the Ranger, as well as the deficiency of right-hand drive. Perhaps the addition of an electric version and the increasing popularity of bigger American pick-ups mind change their mind.

Rivian R1T

You may not be familiar with the name Rivian yet but if the American business maintains its current trajectory you soon will be. It hasn’t needed a production vehicle yet, but its R1S electric SUV and R1T ute concepts gain impressed so much that Amazon invested US$700m and Ford a further US$500m.

There’s well-behaved reason to be excited, the R1T looks indulge in it will appeal to off-road adventurers beside its combination of capability and practicality thanks to its clever produce. The bodywork includes a unique storage location between the cabin and tray, and the company claims to gain developed a ‘tank turn’ function that scholarships the car to literally turn on the spot.

Chief engineer, Brian Gase, told CarsGuide in 2019: “We gain really focused on the off-road capability of these vehicles. We have 14-inches of dynamic ground clearance, we have a structural underbody, we occupy all-time all-wheel drive so we can go up 45-degree inclines, and we can accelerate from zero to 60mph (96km/h) in 3.0 seconds.

“I can tow 10,000 pounds (4.5 tonnes). I’ve got a tent that I can throw onto the benefit of the truck, I’ve got 400 much (643km) of range, I’ve got all-time all-wheel right so I can do anything another vehicle can do, and what is more some.”

The R1T is due to commence in the USA in 2020 and Mr Gase confirmed an Australian commence was planned after that, which could mean 2021, but is likely 2022 given pent-up quiz in the local market.

Tesla Cybertruck

While the Ford and Rivian are fairly aged utes, Tesla’s entry into the pick-up market very definitely isn’t. After the success of its stylish and swoopy Model S, Model X and Model 3, Tesla has opted for angles and ultra-high strength stainless steel.

The Cybertruck mind be available with three powertrain options – single-motor RWD, dual-motor AWD and tri-motor AWD. The tri-motor mind reportedly be able to do the 0-60mph (97km/h) breeze in just 2.9 seconds, despite its boxy lines.

The commerce also claims the production tri-motor will acquire a range of 805km on a plump charge, with the dual-motor capable of 483km and the single-motor 402km.

Thanks to self-leveling air suspension and its stubby overhangs, Tesla claims the Cybertruck will still be a salubrious off-roader. And it should be a salubrious workhorse too, with the single-motor model having a towing capacity of 3402kg and the tri-motor up to 6350kg.

When the Cybertruck reaches Australia is level-headed unclear, despite unveiling it in November 2019, it isn’t expected to go on sale in the US until slow 2021. Given the delays for the right-hand-drive Model 3 (and reports of more than 200,000 pre-orders in the USA) we may not see it depressed under until 2023 or later.

GMC Hummer

We haven’t ensured anything beyond a generic outline yet, but General Motors is reportedly finish to revealing its first electric pick-up. previous week former Holden boss Mark Reuss announced a US$2.2b investment to upgrade its Detroit-Hamtramck factory to form a new generation of electric pick-ups and SUVs.

Speculation is rife that the primary model to roll down the line determination be a pick-up that will revive the Hummer nameplate. It’s believed it will return as a sub-brand, as part the GMC range rather than a stand-alone stamp as it previously was.

But this desire only be the beginning with GM announcing it wants a range of battery-powered pick-ups and SUVs.

“Through this investment, GM is taking a big step onward in making our vision of an all-electric future a reality,” Mr Reuss supposed. “Our electric pickup will be the firstly of multiple electric truck variants we mind build at Detroit-Hamtramck over the next few years.”

There are rumours that the GMC Sierra could get an electric version as early as 2023, which could mean the popular Chevrolet Silverado (archrival to the Ford F-Series and the mechanical twin of the GMC Sierra) could moreover be in line for the switch.

Great enclose ute EV

It might appear like the electric ute is an all-American affair, but that’s not the case. China’s mountainous Wall unveiled plans for an electric version of its Steed replacing ute at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show.

While details and timing happen uncertain, Great Wall has confirmed it want bring the electric ute to Australia in a bid to abet build its brand with what will be a ground-breaking proposition.

The Chinese impress is also reportedly working on both hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the same ute. There’s too speculation a hydrogen fuel-cell version is in the works. While that would have limited appeal in the reserved market due to the lack of refueling infrastructure, it has significant potential for commercial use.


There’s no doubt that squeezing a Mustang V8 in a work dual-cab ute will please enthusiasts, but finding a market for an even-more-expensive Ranger Raptor might be a struggle.

It manufactured big waves in the car community at what time it was suggested that Ford is readying the Ranger Raptor to catch a Coyote V8, which would certainly allow the high-riding pick-up the extra grunt that many believe it needs.

The unusual Raptor uses a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine that emanates 157kW and 500Nm, putting it well slack V6-powered rivals like the Volkswagen Amarok Ultimate 580 and Mercedes-Benz X-Class 350d in calls of output.

In fact, many Australians fill claimed that the Raptor’s outputs are plainly too weak, which is a reasonable suggestion, but perhaps just as many complain that its $76,290 then on-road costs pricetag is too big an ask for the majority ute customers.

Considering the costs of advance, a Mustang V8-powered Raptor would likely be priced well over $100,000.

Considering the damages of development, a Mustang V8-powered Raptor would likely be priced well over $100,000.

Jamming in the 339kW/556Nm 5.0-litre petrol V8 from the Mustang GT mind certainly dispel the grunt issue, but considering development and production injuries, it will likely blow out the Raptor’s pricetag well-and-truly above $100,000.

CarsGuide has spoken to Tickford, Herrod Performance and Premcar – the three engineering houses mainly likely to develop the vehicle, however, all three beget denied any involvement.

Assuming that the project is moving ahead, one particular engineer said that it would bear to be priced around the $140,000 stamp to cover the costs of such a small-volume endeavour.

Ford Australia has yet to officially confirm, nor deny, that it is working on the project, but has always been adamant that the unusual Ranger Raptor configuration serves its purpose.

With a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel and a ten-speed automatic transmission, the Raptor is no animal, but its essential suspension upgrades and muscular exterior has cemented its appeal, with Ford having no problems selling units.

The novel Ford Ranger Raptor is exclusively powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine matched among a ten-speed auto.

The new Ford Ranger Raptor is exclusively powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine matched with a ten-speed auto.

Late last year, Nissan revealed its new flagship ute to compete with the Ranger Raptor, offering similar off-road focused upgrades like ride-height-increasing suspension, all-terrain tyres, underbody protection, 17-inch alloy wheels and aggressive styling. 

Knows as the Navara N-Trek Warrior, it delivers 140kW/450Nm from its 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel engine, which is not far off the Raptor’s figures, yet it comes in significantly less expensive at $65,490 driveaway in automatic guise.

There is no absence of comparable dual-cab units, with other heavy hitters delight in the Toyota HiLux Rugged X ($62,490 and on-road costs), the Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme ($60,792) and HSV-fettled Colorado SportsCat ($62,990).

It has recently existed speculated that Ford is developing a baby Raptor, after information surfaced that the brand trademarked the name “FX4 Max” beside the Australian Intellectual Property Office.

If the rumours are upright, Ford will likely attempt to bridge the gap in its dual-cab line-up and position the FX4 Max unbiased beneath its Raptor flagship.

With Ford’s substantial Ranger line-up that starts at $28,340 for the horrible variant and tops out at $76,290 for the Raptor, the brand has just about every corner of the market covered.

Whether or not there is room for an dusk higher-spec variant – one that may almost double the recent Raptor’s pricetag – remains to be seen.

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