The best canopies for your Ford Ranger

Utes occupy become the Swiss army knives of the vehicle earth – people love utes because they can be traditional for a multitude of different real-life purposes. Utes can carry people and loads and do it all safely and smoothly. And Ford Rangers are among the mainly popular utes around.

A Ford Ranger’s tray is a versatile problem space – it can be used to stash tools (big and small), toolboxes, safety gear, your dogs, camping equipment and extra. However, if it is not covered by a tonneau lid or soft screen, it is an open load space and as such is unprotected and unsecured and any gear stowed aid there is exposed to the elements, and is vulnerable to hurt or theft.

A lockable Ford Ranger ute canopy – and one complete of a durable material, such as canvas, fibreglass, aluminium or steel – adds a much-needed layer of confidence and protection to your ute and the equipment or tools you carry in its tub or tray. It reduces the impact of the elements on anything considered in the back and also cuts downward on the possibility of that stuff being damaged or stolen. 

There are plenty of sizes and styles of ute canopy available, whether you drive a supercab, double cab (dual cab), chassis or pick-up, there is something for everyone. Materials also vary so you can opt for a Ford Ranger canvas canopy, a Ford Ranger aluminium canopy, a steel canopy, or even a fibreglass or UV-stable ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a thermoplastic polymer) canopy.

The Ford Ranger dual cab canopy is a celebrated addition to that ute and you’ll see plenty of examples of a Ford Ranger tray canopy throughout Australia as well.

What you go for boils downward to what you actually need, what you intend to use it for (work or leisure?) and, maximum importantly, what you can afford.

The best canopy for your Ford Ranger is something that events your needs, your lifestyle.

Different types of Ford Ranger canopies

 Aussie anxieties, such as Ironman 4x4, have a wide range of Ford Ranger canopies.

Ironman 4×4
Aussie concerns, such as Ironman 4×4, have a wide range of Ford Ranger canopies.

As well as different types of materials feeble in Ford Ranger canopies, such as canvas, ABS plastic, fibreglass, aluminium and steel and, there are model-specific versions to suit the dimensions of a single cab, supercab, dual-cab, and tray or pick-up.

There’s a Ford Ranger Wildtrak canopy, PK Ranger canopy, PX Ranger canopy, and second-from-top-spec Ford Ranger XLT canopy; in fact, if you do a fair bit of research, you’ll find that there are canopies for impartial about every purpose for just about every ute around.

Everyone has different requirements; you know better than I do about what you demand, so get to it – I’m not your life coach.

There are certainly basic and budget-friendly canopy versions available, however, a good quality canopy – such as one available from ARB, Ironman 4×4, Norweld, Carryboy, Flexiglass, Opposite Lock, TJM etc – can serve from a few of these crucial elements: lockable side windows and rear-access window, canopy vent (to reduce dust ingress by positively pressurising the canopy’s interior), tinted safety glass (5mm tinted and tempered), central locking, push-button side opening windows, and more.

But moreover other features – such as keyless entry, high-spec adhesive, LED interior lights, stylish center and an anti-entrapment dial (so people can get out of the canopy if locked inside) – are all mountainous bonus stuff and all included in notorious Australian aftermarket supplier ARB’s Ascent canopy.

 What are your options?

The Aussie driving public ask a lot of their canopies.

The Aussie driving public ask a lot of their canopies.

The variety of Ford Ranger canopies available is mind-boggling, from DIY jobs, off-the-shelf specials, to custom-made and feature-packed canopies. Remember: the cheaper a canopy is, chances are the additional trade-offs have been made in terms of the quality of workmanship, the materials used and how safe and rep the final product. Also, if short-cuts existed taken during the testing process, then how ready is the canopy for real-world use?

Australian worries make some of the best ute canopies in the earth and a great variety of them because their customers – the Aussie driving shared – ask a lot of our canopies, no matter what the material, for work and pleasure.

In today’s aftermarket you’ll surely acquire a ute canopy to suit your lifestyle, vehicle and budget. There are variations – of different sizes and configurations – to suit any kind of ute and tub or tray, and and there are some ute canopies with interior configurations designed to incorporate select boxes, or are purpose-built, with roll-out drawers and extra, for camping.

The shape – a model-specific moulding – and colour of a ute canopy can be selected so it ‘fits’ plus your Ford Ranger.

The basic structure of ute canopies may not reposition a whole lot between examples – each one has a roof, walls, and likely a flip/lift door at the reverse, a fixed-shut window at the front, and sliding or flip/lift windows on the sides – but each canopy’s capacity to be flexible, in terms of accessibility and storage, may vary widely.

Options for a ute canopy include more tie-down points, central locking, climate control, in-built lighting, soft-close windows, built-in storage systems (such as roll-out drawers) and even a slide-out kitchen.

Some canopies are bolted onto a tray and can be removed without too great fuss.

What price can you expect to pay?

Spend as remarkable as you can to get a top-quality canopy.

Spend as remarkable as you can to get a top-quality canopy.

A Ford Ranger canopy heed can range anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks for a DIY canvas-and-steel-frame job, to $1500 for an aluminium ute half canopy you desire have to fit yourself, to more than $5000 (fitted) for off-the-shelf canopies or even business, build-your-own versions.

Prices of fibreglass or ABS plastic ute canopies begin from around the mid-$2000s mark (including fitment). If you’re in the market for a Ford Ranger fibreglass canopy, then expect to pay from about $2500 (fitted) for a classic-style canopy.

Warranties for a ute canopy can range from one year, three years or a lifetime, depending on the materials faded and the brand/manufacturer involved.

Who are the leading brands & manufacturers? Best places to buy?

Australia’s Ironman 4x4 is well distinguished for its great purpose-built canopies.

Ironman 4×4
Australia’s Ironman 4×4 is well distinguished for its great purpose-built canopies.

Ute canopy manufacturers and stockists are plentiful in Australia. You can go genuine, as in Ford, for your Ford Ranger canopy, but there are too top-notch aftermarket options available to you, as mentioned. Leading brands and manufacturers include Ironman 4×4, ARB, NorWeld, Carryboy Australia, Flexiglass, Opposite Lock, and TJM.

Try any of these mobs for a Ford Ranger Wildtrak canopy, PK Ranger canopy, PX Ranger canopy, Ford Ranger XLT canopy, or pretty much any Ranger-suited canopy you’re after.

Find your nearest ARB prevent here. 

Find your nearest Ironman 4×4 prevent here.

Visit the Norweld website for your nearest stockist.

Visit CarryBoy to collect your nearest stockist.

Visit Flexiglass (and go to ‘Locate a Distributor’) for your nearest stockist.

Find your nearest Wolf 4×4 stay here.

Visti OppositeLock to find your nearest store.

Find the nearest TJM stay here. 

What sort of canopy do you beget on your Ford Ranger? Tell us in the comments part below.

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