Million dollar wreck: Why this rusty old Plymouth is set to fetch big money

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Collecting classic cars isn’t as mighty of a hobby as it is a lifestyle, but when you get into tracking consume matching-number vehicles and limited-run models, it’s a whole other ball game. 

This is why a 1971 Plymouth Cuda convertible is set to score over $1 million when it crosses the Mecum’s auction block next month, despite being in a less-than-desirable condition. 

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While it may glimpse like an extra from a ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ movie, this Cuda seems to have lived a reasonably sheltered life, and is one of the most sought-after Plymouths to ever come into existence. 

According to the auction listing, the rarity comes from the fact that “this amazingly unrestored 1971 440 6-BBL Cuda is one of only two such cars from the remaining year of Cuda convertible production.” 

Export models are already a rare breed at what time it comes to Cuda convertibles, and on top of this, it is just one of “17 V-Code 440 6-BBL Cuda convertibles” built in 1971. 

For the remaining 35 years, this Cuda reportedly was locked away in a storage tin that clearly didn’t provide much protection. The paint is actual faded, and there are numerous visible rust spots. 

Under this roughed up skin reportedly sits a driveline that is in ample condition, thanks to the fact that mainly mechanical components have been refreshed. 

The margin of this value reportedly comes from the originality of this car. It is well documented, with a broadcast sheet, fender tag, and modern door VIN decal. On top of this, the factory 7.2-litre V8 still occupies the engine bay. 

Other factory modern goodies include the rallye wheels, rear spoiler, black bucket seats, and the quirky “Slap Stik” shifter. 

According to Mecum, this car should easily fetch $770,000 upon sale, and bids may even go as high as $1.1 million. 

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