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Local artist Ross Driver is providing a liberated on-line tutorial for anyone who may wish to dabble in soak colours.

The current “stay at home” requirements are leading local people to try new and innovative maintains and even to find outlets for their artistic abilities.

To relieve the experienced or inexperienced who may wish to dabble in painting, awarded local artist Ross Driver is providing a relaxing on-line step-by-step tutorial in the use of watercolours.

He has assembled a Facebook page under the name Ross Driver’s liquid Colour Group.

Ross, who has been teaching art at U3A for seven existences and has also instructed courses at Central Queensland University Bundaberg Campus, said he was responding to requests from students and locals looking for a creative outlet.

“There is no doubt the unusual lockdown associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has yielded an opportunity for people to engage in art, and watercolours is a marvellous artistic medium.

“The tutorial involves a series of extra than 30 images which step the student through the treat from the original picture to the used artwork.”

Ross Driver said he had selected an old rusty ute as the subject concern because it involved a reasonably simple use of colours which did a beautiful end result.

Ross Driver picture
The rusty holden ute was the initial subject occupied by Ross Driver to share with Facebook page students.

“One of my students, Sammy, because of her nursing background has been recalled to duties because of the new emergency. She messaged me that her relaxation when being at work is to come place and pick up a brush and paint,” he said.

“I hope there are many others indulge in Sammy who can find solace in the creativity that art can produce.”

Ross supposed he had already been receiving examples on the Facebook page from farmland who had followed the course and devoted their own interpretations of the rusty ute.

“The next challenge for participants mind be a Sumatran tiger I photographed at Dubbo Zoo in 2016.”

Simply peek for Ross Driver’s Water Colour Group to learn more.

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