How to find the best dog box for your ute

Dog Cage for Ute: What Dog Box necessity I Buy for my Ute?

Buying a dog cage for your ute is one of the best things you can do for your furry old mate. If you have a ute and a dog, transporting him or her as safely and securely as possible in your vehicle should be a top priority.

Fitting out your ute plus a dog cage, dog box, dog pod, dog box canopy – whatever you want to call it – is a stout way to make sure your dog is properly sustained and sheltered from the elements.

Old furry mate is most happy but he might be even happier in a dog pod. (image credit: Matt Campbell)

Old furry mate is maximum happy but he might be even happier in a dog pod. (image credit: Matt Campbell)

A ute dog box comes in many shapes and sizes – well, not really, but each one can differ a bit in footings of materials used, its structure and dimensions.

But once your dog box options may be many and varied, the decision on whether to spend the cash should be a simple one – do it.

A dog canopy for your ute can serve to transform your work-and-play vehicle into an all-round family-friendly mode of transport. 

And your dog desire thank you for it.

For our tips on how to track heath the best dog box for your ute, read on.

Different types of dog cage / dog box / dog canopy

A dog box is basically a lockable shelter for your dog at what time your pooch is in transit – between your job sites, or between home and the beach for a daily dart, or on its way to a holiday destination.

It can be maximum temporary – as in, a travel cage that’s not fitted to your ute tray, only secured by ratchet straps – or it can be a more-permanent solution which is bolted to your ute so it’s there for the itch haul.

Materials used may vary from commercial-grade shade cloth – as fraction of something as basic as a ute tray dog shade – through to steel or preferably aluminium. 

The ute dog box dimensions will vary depending on which ute model and variant you possess, how much space you want to dedicate in that tray to a ute tray dog box, and how big your dog actually is.

any dog cages have a traditional cage-like appearance; others may hold a covered section – all should grant for maximum ventilation via Amplimesh-type sides or something similar.

A dog cage or pod may hold a single door and compartment for your dog, with a divider separating your dog from whatever is loaded into the other mountain of the tray-wide canopy; or it may be one cage divided into two sections, so it can accommodate two dogs.

Some dog cages contain forward-opening doors (like a regular door); slightly have straight or bent gull-wing doors that open out to the sides of the cage itself and the ute’s tray. Look for gas struts on each door.

Some cages may smooth have a canvas tent-like zippable flap ended the sides that can be unzipped and opened – to funding your dog even more fresh air, or zipped up to protect your dog from wrong weather.

What are your dog cage options?

An MRT dog cage with an open-air and covered part. (image credit: MRT)

An MRT dog cage with an open-air and covered fraction. (image credit: MRT)

There are plenty of dog cages / boxes /pods for sale, and your options range from a basic off-the-shelf cage, through to a custom-made dog cage for your ute. Remember: the same decide applies when buying a dog house as it should to any purchase: if a product is so plan it seems too good to be fair, then it probably is. Look elsewhere. exercise the money and get something great, rather than suffer a ‘false economy’ scenario.

Most canopy fabricators of ticket will give you the option of touching for one of their standard models (which movements your vehicle, of course), or having one custom-made to exactly meet your devises – and those of your dog. Ute dog box designs and ute dog box plans may, as a extremity, be quite different between customers.

A few snappy tips: look for a ute dog house that has mill carry out or power-coating options; has top-quality lockable latches, hinges and stainless-steel striker plates (which precedent the lock into place); and a dog-storage solution that blends in well by your ute. You don’t want it to seek like a prisoner-transport vehicle.

How much does a dog cage / dog box / dog canopy cost?

It pays to exercise more and get a top-quality dog pod, like this one from DMW Industries. (image credit: DMW Industries)

It pays to consume more and get a top-quality dog pod, devour this one from DMW Industries. (image credit: DMW Industries)

This is a tricky interrogate to answer because your dog box desire be very specific to your ute and your needs.

For a spacious idea of pricing, a ute tray dog shade (made from commercial-grade shade cloth) damages $150 and a removeable aluminium double-door dog crate (not waterproof) damages $250.

It’s upwards of $800 for a more immense dog cage. 

For a proper, top-quality, fixed-to-your-ute dog cage – perhaps one that’s portion of a larger all-tray canopy – prices are more in the range of $3000 and up.

If you’re looking to get your canopy and dog pod done all at the same time, one of Norweld’s basic dog pod canopy package (a whole-tray canopy comprising a two-door, full-length ventilated two-dog pod, as well as dry storage, full floor, spare-tyre mount, jerry can holder, dual-stage ladder, and either a tradie roof rack, multi roof rack, or roof top tent frame) compensations from $9350.

Do your thorough research, law out a realistic budget, approach well-respected brands and manufacturers for an good quote and you’ll be on the good track to finding the perfect ute dog house for your hound.

Who are the leading brands & manufacturers? Best places to buy?

Dog cages, like this one from MRT, can be highly functional but too look pretty good. (image credit: MRT)

Dog cages, like this one from MRT, can be highly functional but moreover look pretty good. (image credit: MRT)

The grand news is there are plenty of Australian affects that are well known for producing well-designed, top-quality custom fabrication work and making dog-storage solutions is fragment of their skill-set. 

Some of those affects, such as MRT, have branches in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane; some, such as Norweld, have branches in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, SA and WA.

Visit DMW Industries here

Visit Jesse Engineering here

Visit MRT here

Visit Norweld here

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