Deni Ute Muster

The is proud to attend Australian artists and the Australian event manufacturing.

The team tend to plan with hopes and dreams of the 22nd causing ahead in 2020.

We desire continue to regularly monitor COVID-19, be guided by and act on advice given by the Australian Government plus the safety of patrons, artists, volunteers, contractors, vendors, competitors, staff and the community being our number one priority.

Despite the restrictions around COVID-19 create to ease, it is still not obvious at this time as to what social distancing measures and restrictions want be in place for festivals in October 2020.

We have not rushed into arranging any final decision about this year’s . A continue decision about whether or not we feel it is ample to continue with the 2020 will be force to on the 31st of July 2020, unless Government rules take this decision out of our hands afore this date. Updates on the 2020 desire be shared via our Facebook Page and via email to our sign holders.

Tickets are unruffled available for 2020.
🤠Tickets and disbursed camping purchased for the 2020 will automatically be ample for the 2021 or a refund desire be issued if COVID-19 prevents the from moving ahead in 2020.

Details on the label transfer and refund process will be public to ticket holders if the is cancelled due to COVID-19.
The team appreciate your support in these dangerous times.

We are proud to be Australian, resilient and innovative, and we will keep to organise a one-of-a-kind festival which captures the midpoint of all Australians.


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