Can You Complete These Australian Nursery Rhymes?

We all grow up being familiar by nursery rhymes, from having them sung to us in the crib to learning the periods to them in pre-school. Australia’s unique culture requires we have plenty of nursery rhymes based on our flora, fauna and traditions. From nursery rhymes that are sung to babies, to classic songs that every Aussie kid had to learn at school (or still tunes that adults love to belt out together!), this quiz covers nursery rhymes and venerable tunes alike. Featuring patriotic anthems that bring Australians together, like “I Am Australian,” “Waltzing Matilda” and “Home beside the Gum Trees,” to adorable songs from shows luxuriate in “The Wiggles,” “Playschool” and “Hi-5,” how grand do you know about Australian nursery rhymes and songs for children? 

Aside from Australian-specific nursery rhymes, Australian kids also grow up with nursery rhymes that are universally experienced and loved. Are you on top of these familiar, timeless tunes as well? 

Test your knowledge of all things Australian plus this quiz. Why not send it to your mates to see who has the best knowledge of the songs every Aussie grew up with? Be prepared because this query gets harder as you progress! 

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