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Bush quick-witted Forest School: connecting with the creek

By Joanne Sørensen, Owner and Facilitator of Bush Knowing Forest School
24 Feb 2020

Each year by a different cohort of children considerations and divulged decisions are made to ensure that our interactions and connections by the creek continue in a safe though balanced way -with every child’s essential to be challenged and take risks in their learning journey.

To attend my learning journey l became a Forest School front-runner in 2016 and through this l believe my role in these obtains has changed. Supported by this training and above time taking children into nature l believe gained many and varied skills to safely and enthusiastically introduce children and their families to this attend risk experience.

I have a renewed permission in my abilities to facilitate transformative leadership – to connect, inspire and empower all participants to do a shared vision for our interactions beside the creek environment.

Making it happen involves sharing of information beside all stake holders – children, parents and the local council; community groups; back risk assessments; site assessments – looking at the ground level, mid and upper canopy; insurance documentation; compiling learning resources such as state books and magnifying glasses; an emergency unique aid kit; permission paperwork; clear expectations of the participants role in this experience; ensuring avenues of feedback and documenting the learning that occurs.

From our interactions and connections with the creek we hold learnt to recognise and be aware of the moves in seasons. We have observed where there hold been flooding rains that make it too dangerous to enter the water due to the volume or foreign items in it that hold washed down stream, or drought – where the lack of water exposes so many other unnatural items.


We know how to negotiate areas where trees contain fallen where we had previously been playing, noticed the effects of soil erosion, pollution and, sadly, vandalism.

On each visit we pick up rubbish – adding what we can to the recycle bin. We possess repositioned native plants and recognised weeds. We possess viewed tiny insects, bird life and reptiles with our magnifying glasses, torches and binoculars.

We know how to ‘drop and plop’ stones safely in front of our inhabit and take the opportunity to sit, listen and luxuriate in natures sounds. Importantly, the children and families are additional aware of how to interact with nature minus damaging it and doing what we can to protect it.

Over date we have learnt balance and agility, as we tumble and slip sometimes – we know that it’s ok and get befriend up – not worrying about getting wet or dirty. Importantly, we understand and have observed that children must to take risks – it’s how we as educators and parents monitor and view these – among all children gaining a self awareness of their growing overhauls and abilities.


I always wonder and hope that each child and family desire carry with them wonderful memories, positive attitudes and a relationship or ecocentric idea of the natural world. 

Come and join us in nature each week during the Qld school terms. Feel free to visit Bush Knowing.com for all details and bookings. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.  


Where: private bush space between Leslie Patrick Park oval and the Kedron Brook, Everton Hills (parking via 135 Olearia st West), beside the new all abilities playground.

When: Thursday’s & Friday’s 9.30am pending 11.30am for 8 weeks during the Qld school languages. Start date – Thursday February 6th 2020. In term 2 we will offer tool sessions every fortnight on a Wednesday morning.

What: A self paced session by a mix of exploring the creek and local bush surrounds then focused sensory and early learning experiences by quality resources. The session is facilitated by Jo an recognized Kindy teacher and Forest school leader. We enact the session, packing away together and joining for a music time.

How to pay: In 2020 we determination have an upfront term payment option – for the Thursday session and a casual pay as you go for the Friday session via Trybooking..

How to book: For the Thursday session please email [email protected] for payment details. This is capped for 20 families lone and is non refundable.

Age: expedient for children from 18months to 6 years.

Start date: February 6th 2020.

Cost: Price is per session for one child beside one adult. Each additional sibling is discounted and siblings below 18 months can join us free of charge. 

1 child: $20

2 children: $30

3 children: $40

4 children: $45

For the casual Friday session please use:

Bookings must to be made by Thursday evening at 9.30pm to produce we can plan for the day and absorb enough resources for all. Once booked this is nonrefundable or transferable.

Age: great for children from 12 months to 6 days of age.

Start date: February 7th 2020.

Cost: heed is per session for child with adult. Each additional sibling is discounted and siblings below 12 months are free.

1 child: $22

2 children: $32

3 children: $42

4+ children: $47

What to bring/wear: safe in toe shoes (both adults and children) or gumboots are gigantic for the creek. Dress for the climate -hat, sunscreen or wet weather gear. Snack, water and rug for morning tea. Please be aware of possible allergies and only take food and drinks in the morning tea area.

Baby wearing and pram friendly! it’s a very inclusive environment and all families and children are welcome.

We hope you can join us soon! 

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