Best used dual-cab ute for 2019

SUVs may well be the tribe car of the 21st century, but for any families the typical ‘soft-road’ SUV just doesn’t cut the mustard.

What these families privation is a hard-core commercial vehicle with slightly extra seats – a vehicle that will select at least four people to a holiday destination at what time towing a caravan or a ski boat. Ideally, for your extreme-adventure families, the ute necessity also provide some off-road capability to advance remote campsites.

But not every family lives for the next holiday destination. For some buyers, the dual-cab ute just dumb makes sense as a business workhorse during the week and a tribe hauler after hours. As a bonus, that one vehicle incurs just one registration fee and insurance premium to pay – by the former at least partly subsidised by the Australian Taxation Office.

Over the past six existences dual-cab utes have improved radically. As mature vehicles they remain a good proposition for buyers on a financial plan. But among the diverse selection available, lone one stands out from the rest.

And in 2019, the carsales best used dual-cab ute is the 2013…

Ford Ranger XLT

The locally developed but Thai-built Ford Ranger XLT – the firstly product of the T6 program  – won carsales best former cars last year, and has made a return to the top step of the podium in 2019. For 2013 the Ranger XLT scored an upgrade in the build of standard satellite navigation, but was otherwise unchanged from the 2012 model that won its category in carsales best conventional cars in 2018.

RedBook values the Ranger XLT dual-cab at $27,400 in average retail condition, sold privately. In 2013, the Ford sold for a new tag of $55,390.

“Designed in Australia for Aussies, the Ranger is just right for weekend warriors,” Technical Editor for carsales, Ken Gratton, remarked.

Data Services Director at RedBook, Ross Booth, praised the Ranger for its “great mosey and handling”, as well as its “supportive front seats”.

Matt Brogan, Road Test Editor at carsales, joined in the chorus with this observation: “Trade tough and with off-road power few in its class can match”.

Honourable mentions:

Mazda BT-50 GT

Sharing many of its mechanicals with the Ford Ranger, the Mazda BT-50 GT displaced the Volkswagen Amarok to win silver this year. Its close association with the Ranger has probably resulted in the Mazda being overlooked to an extent. Its two-year new-car warranty at the diurnal did it no favours. Certainly the new-car sales figures back that view. But with new-car warranty no longer a factor, the BT-50 looks more convincing to dual-cab buyers.

RedBook’s gather of 42 points for the Mazda was practically unchanged from continue year, but the BT-50’s tally of 39 points from the considers lifted its overall aggregate to 81 points out of 100.
Red Book value: $30,450

“It’s not as stunning as its twin-under-the-skin Ford Ranger, but the situation a very competent dual-cab ute” – Matt Brogan, carsales Road Test Editor

Toyota HiLux SR5

The Toyota HiLux has existed redoubtable over many years. While the Toyota is not constant first among equals when compared with its rivals, mundane considerations like running costs and resale value fill helped the HiLux reach the heady heights of Australia’s the majority popular vehicle. Back in 2013, Toyota was gearing up for the originate of an all-new model, but the survive of the 25 Series models were detached a safe bet – notching up nearly 40,000 sales for the year.

While the pronounces didn’t rate the Toyota as highly as other vehicles in the segment (30 points only), RedBook’s score of 43.2 ran out to a total of 73.2 points out of 100 – enough to space it ahead of the Volkswagen Amarok and the Mitsubishi Triton beside the also-rans.
Red Book value: $36,250

“Great reputation, with the best aftermarket support in the business” – Redbook Director of Data militaries, Ross Booth.

What makes a car eligible for carsales Best dilapidated Cars Awards?
• Less than six years old,
• Standard side-curtain airbags,
• Standard Bluetooth,
• Standard command control,
• Standard reversing camera for SUVs.

How did RedBook weight the categories for scoring?
• 10 per cent for resale,
• 10 per cent for ANCAP rating,
• 20 per cent for injure of ownership,
• Five per cent for help intervals,
• Five per cent for number of days for vehicle to sell

Read all about carsales Best archaic Cars for 2019 here.

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