Holden Model History

Holden Model History. A Holden + Co. was created as a saddlery business. Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) is the officially designated performance vehicle division of Holden.

Holden Historical Services | Holden Historical Services (Connor Perry)

Did you used to drive one of the old Holden cars on this list? This Holden vehicle model list includes photos of Holden vehicles along with release dates and body types of each car. Holden had two attempts at model sharing to meet minimum local volume requirements.

James Alexander Holden opened his Holden saddlery in Adelaide and quickly became a reputable manufacturer of horse saddles, harnesses and equipment.

Holden VF Commodore SS-V Redline Holden VE Commodore SS Holden VN Commodore SS.

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If you have bought a vehicle recently or would like to learn more, head over to the Official. The Holden lion logo changed slightly for HJ and the Belmont name was dropped from the model range. Holden — аўстралійскі вытворца аўтамабіляў, першапачаткова незалежны, цяпер аддзяленне General Motors.

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