Wagon R Old Model

Wagon R Old Model. Used Maruti Suzuki Wagon R cars in India. You can choose your MARUTI WAGON R model: from diesel to petrol.

Used Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (1999-2006) Specs & Features … (Jessie Perry)

And Maruti Wagon R Accessories are meant to improve the comfort, style and car's capability to manifolds so that you can not only embellish your car but also smarten it up and to protect it from daily wear and tear. Buy second hand Maruti Suzuki Wagon R cars at best prices. The cabin of the new Wagon R gets a major overhaul with a new dashboard and a new touchscreen infotainment system with a classy two-tone finish.

Buy second hand Maruti Suzuki Wagon R cars at best prices.

It is a definite step-up over the outgoing model.

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New Wagon R Vs Old Wagon R: Dimensions. Find the best Second Hand Wagon R price & valuation in India! The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is the perfect match for people who are looking for a multi purpose car.

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