I Hate Holden Caulfield

I Hate Holden Caulfield. You can be annoyed by him. The thing about Holden Caulfield, is that you are allowed to hate him.

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Although Holden made a passing appearance in a story Salinger wrote for The Saturday Evening Post the previous year, he turned up as a significant character for the first time in a published story in "This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise," which focuses on Army sergeant Vincent Caulfield. Literary Criticism On Holden Caulfield's Language. I suddenly realised, that I was being hypocritical.

He is both an antihero, a protagonist with qualities at odds with the stereotypically "heroic" image, and an everyman, whose experiences are to some degree "universal," at least in his.

Literary Criticism On Holden Caulfield's Language.

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One of those novels was J. Both Holden and I needed to be more stoic. Holden Caulfield is the main character of J.

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